Elegant Trending Contact Lens Applicator Traveler Kits

Elegant and Stylish looks for your contact lens applicator. A hygienic way to use your contact lens with this trending contact lens accessories.

What Is Included In Trending Contact Lens Applicator?

Our stylish contact lens traveler kits comes with several accessories that ease and boost your travelling experience. There are 5 accessories in this contact lens traveler kits.

1. Elegant Casing with Mirror.
2. Applicator.
3. Tweezer.
4. Solution bottle.
5. Lens box.
Contact-lens-applicatortrending-contact-lens-applicator stylist-contact-lens-applicator elegant-contact-lens-applicator  

It has 5 different casing colours which are Gold, PinkRedSilver and Black.

Now you can these contact lens traveler kits from our website or e-commerce such as Lazada.

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