Malaysian HALFEST, Malaysia World Largest Halal Food Expo. It was held from 3 September 2014 until 7 September 2014 and joined approximately 600 companies and entrepreneurs.


HALFEST 2014 is the first event that INAN Global Ventures Sdn Bhd joined. The interesting parts is, there will be variety of products in HALFEST 2014. It includes food and beverage, herbs product, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and Islamic bankin. Besides, there are plenty of activities to be enjoyed by family.

We are so excited to join this exhibition. This might be among the first experience for us to promote our delicious and tasty fruit chips. We do bring all six types of fruit chips which are Jackfruit, Mushroom, Papaya, Green Apple, Pineapple and Mango. We are using dehydrated vacuum fried technique for our chips. Yes! It is very healthy snack for you.

We also bring Harumanis cordial in this HALFEST 2014. A very exclusive and special mango in Malaysia. It only can be found in Perlis. Our booth as shown in the picture below. Awesome!

Malaysian HALFEST 2014 was an incredible event. We hope to join HALFEST again next year. See you later!

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