Malaysia Fruit Chips In AEON Malaysia

Recently, INAN Global Ventures Sdn Bhd has restock Malaysia fruit chips in some of AEON Malaysia outlet Store. We are so surprise with the demands of healthy snack from AEON Malaysia. You can get healthy snack mMOON Malaysia Fruit Chips such as mMOON Papaya Chips and mMOON Mushroom Chips from these AEON Malaysia branches. Click […]

Dailyfruits Chips in Dubai

Dubai is synonym with luxury and wealth. And our fruit chips fit nicely in the scenario, an exotic yet healthy snack. Fruit Chips in Dubai We tested and succeeded! Our Dailyfruits chips were launched in 2016 and sold in Dubai Global Village. We plan and to do even bigger soon. Please follow our facebook page […]

Dehydrated Vacuum-fried Real Mushroom Chips

The perfect on-the-go snacks. Enjoy your snacks daily with mMOON Dehydrated Vacuum-fried packed with real Mushroom chips and its vitamins and minerals. Enjoy a healthy meal everyday! Our mMOON Mushroom Chips are made from 100% fresh real Malaysia¬†Mushroom¬†from selected farms to bring maximum and never ending goodness healthy snacks to you. The Technology mMOON Mushroom […]

Selangor International Expo 2016

We just recently joined HALFEST 2016 before in MIECC Serdang Selangor. Thank to Invest Selangor for inviting INAN Global Ventures Sdn Bhd for Selangor International Expo 2016. Selangor International Expo 2016 This is our first time joining big program Selangor International Expo. What is this expo all about? Invest Selangor Berhad Selangor International Expo is […]