mMOON fruit chips is in SINAR Harian

The best fruit chips is in SINAR Harian Today! Nowadays, pineapple and jackfruit chips are too mainstream. Thus, INAN Global Ventures Sdn Bhd wants to promote unique fruits chips and vegetable chips. We do have Mushroom, papaya, Jackfruit, pineapple, green apple and mango chips. Click here for Malay. This is some of the content inside […]


mMOON Crispy Fruit Chips In Jeddah

Saudi Arabia was the first country that our mMOON dried fruit Malaysia chips had landed in. It was quite an experience but it was worth it. Get your mMOON crispy fruit chips with Malaysian tropical fruit in Kedai Asia Jeddah before they run out. Crunchy Crispy Fruit Chips in Jeddah The picture below is one […]