Dehydrated Vacuum-fried Real Jackfruit Chips

The perfect on-the-go snacks. Enjoy your snacks daily with mMOON Dehydrated Vacuum-fried packed with real Jackfruit chips and its vitamins and minerals. Enjoy a healthy snacks everyday!

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Our mMOON Jackfruit chips are made from 100% fresh real Malaysia Jackfruits from selected farms to bring maximum and never ending goodness healthy food to you. Jackfruit is one of the tropical fruits in Malaysia.

jackfruit chips

The Technology

mMOON Jackfruit Chips are made using dehydrated vacuum-fried technology.

Retain the Minerals

Jackfruit is rich in energy, dietary, fiber, minerals and vitamins and free from saturated fats or cholesterol. Our technology retains the minerals in Jackfruit while giving you the joy of a crunchy cripsy healthy snack Jackfruit chip. Only the original goodness for you.

Preserve the Taste

Our technology preserves the actual taste of Jackfruits, with no added artificial flavoring. Only the real Jackfruits taste in our crispy fruit chips.

Free from Colouring

Our healthy snacks only contain the original colour of Jackfruit. No artificial colouring. Dehydrated vacuum fried technology preserved the original color of dried fruit while retaining the nutrients.


mMOON Jackfruit Chips are processed in a Malaysia MeSTI-certified factory. Hence, you can rest-assure the chips are produced using stringent health and quality procedure for your peace-of-mind. Now you can enjoy a healthy chip snacks with your family.

Made in Malaysia

mMOON Jackfruit Chip are uniquely Malaysian-made for the world. Our mMOON is one of Malaysia fruit chips brand.

Where To Find Jackfruit Chips?

You can get best fruit chips from our e commerce partners such as Lazada, 11th Street, Youbeli and Aladdin Street.

You also can get this chips snacks Malaysia through our website.

Please contact us at or call/whatsapp to +6019 429 0759. You also can use our enquiry form.

Note: Mushroom chips, Papaya chips and Green Apple chips can be obtained from selected AEON Mall Hypermarkets in Malaysia.


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