mMOON Chips Bangi

Good news to everybody especially for those in Bangi! We are love to share happiness and good news on mMOON Chips Bangi. Have you ever heard about AEON Max Value Bangi? AEON Max Value Bangi already operated since 19 January 2018 in EvoMall Bandar Baru Bangi. The big brands such as Daiso, Manhattan Fish Market, […]

November Update: Restock mMOON Fruit Chips in Perak

mMOON Fruit Chips are now available in Perak. Our fruit chips consists of Papaya fruit chips and Mushroom chips by using the dehydrated vacuum-fried technique. Low temperature of heating can reduce the carcinogen effect to your health. Now you can stay healthy with your family while enjoying the snacks. You can get our Papaya mMOON […]

November Update: Restock mMOON Fruit Chips In Melaka

New mMOON Fruit Chips stock now in Melaka. You can get mMOON Fruit Chips in AEON Melaka and AEON Bandaraya Melaka while you enjoy the historical places in Melaka. Melaka has numerous historical places and museum that you can visit today. Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum, Cheng Ho Cultural Museum, Melaka Kite Museum, Malay and Islamic […]

Malaysia Fruit Chips In AEON Malaysia

Recently, INAN Global Ventures Sdn Bhd has restock Malaysia fruit chips in some of AEON Malaysia outlet Store. We are so surprise with the demands of healthy snack from AEON Malaysia. You can get healthy snack mMOON Malaysia Fruit Chips such as mMOON Papaya Chips and mMOON Mushroom Chips from these AEON Malaysia branches. Click […]

mMOON fruit chips is in SINAR Harian

The best fruit chips is in SINAR Harian Today! Nowadays, pineapple and jackfruit chips are too mainstream. Thus, INAN Global Ventures Sdn Bhd wants to promote unique fruits chips and vegetable chips. We do have Mushroom, papaya, Jackfruit, pineapple, green apple and mango chips. Click here for Malay. This is some of the content inside […]

Healthy Snacks in South Korea

Did you know that South Korea is the 3rd country that will have our healthy snacks after Saudi Arabia and UAE? Yes… It’s true! South Korea… Here we come. This week has been a hectic week with the preparation before my flight to Seoul. Tiring but excited with the possibilities of mMOON Malaysia fruit chips […]

Fruit Chips in AEON

A friend was so excited to find mMOON crispy fruit chips in AEON. Such a convenience for someone who frequents AEON for his grocery needs. Yes… We are in AEON at ‘Made in Malaysia’ aisles. mMOON Fruit Chips in AEON When a friend was at the AEON Mall last saturday, he accidentally came across one […]

Dailyfruits Chips in Dubai

Dubai is synonym with luxury and wealth. And our fruit chips fit nicely in the scenario, an exotic yet healthy snack. Fruit Chips in Dubai We tested and succeeded! Our Dailyfruits chips were launched in 2016 and sold in Dubai Global Village. We plan and to do even bigger soon. Please follow our facebook page […]


mMOON Crispy Fruit Chips In Jeddah

Saudi Arabia was the first country that our mMOON dried fruit Malaysia chips had landed in. It was quite an experience but it was worth it. Get your mMOON crispy fruit chips with Malaysian tropical fruit in Kedai Asia Jeddah before they run out. Crunchy Crispy Fruit Chips in Jeddah The picture below is one […]