mMOON Crispy Fruit Chips In Jeddah

Saudi Arabia was the first country that our mMOON dried fruit Malaysia chips had landed in. It was quite an experience but it was worth it. Get your mMOON crispy fruit chips with Malaysian tropical fruit in Kedai Asia Jeddah before they run out.

Crunchy Crispy Fruit Chips in Jeddah

The picture below is one of the outlet in Jeddah. mMOON will be the best fruit chips ever.


mMOON healthy chip is promoting dried fruit from Malaysia such as Jackfruit chips, Papaya chips and Mushroom chips.

Our healthy snacks are export ready with sufficient supply and attractive appealing packaging for consumers. The most important thing is mMOON dried fruit chip does not contain any meat, preservatives, coloring and alcoholic ingredient. It is halal certified!

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