8 Benefits of Papaya That You Should Know

Papaya is a tropical fruit plant, a soft and sweet texture of fruit which can be found in tropical country such as Malaysia. There are 8 benefits of papaya that you should know from this article. 1. Digestion Aid Papain is a type of enzyme that helps to break the bond of amino acids or protein. […]

November Update: Restock mMOON Fruit Chips in Perak

mMOON Fruit Chips are now available in Perak. Our fruit chips consists of Papaya fruit chips and Mushroom chips by using the dehydrated vacuum-fried technique. Low temperature of heating can reduce the carcinogen effect to your health. Now you can stay healthy with your family while enjoying the snacks. You can get our Papaya mMOON […]

November Update: Restock mMOON Fruit Chips In Melaka

New mMOON Fruit Chips stock now in Melaka. You can get mMOON Fruit Chips in AEON Melaka and AEON Bandaraya Melaka while you enjoy the historical places in Melaka. Melaka has numerous historical places and museum that you can visit today. Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum, Cheng Ho Cultural Museum, Melaka Kite Museum, Malay and Islamic […]

Dehydrated Vacuum-fried Real Papaya Chips

The perfect on-the-go snacks. Enjoy your snacks daily with mMOON Dehydrated Vacuum-fried packed with real Papaya chips and its vitamins and minerals. Enjoy a healthy food everyday! Our mMOON Papaya Chips are made from 100% fresh real Malaysia Papaya from selected farms to bring maximum and never ending goodness healthy snacks to you. Papaya is one of […]