November Update: Restock mMOON Fruit Chips in Perak

mMOON Fruit Chips are now available in Perak. Our fruit chips consists of Papaya fruit chips and Mushroom chips by using the dehydrated vacuum-fried technique.

Low temperature of heating can reduce the carcinogen effect to your health. Now you can stay healthy with your family while enjoying the snacks.

You can get our Papaya mMOON Fruit Chips and Mushroom mMOON Chips in AEON Taiping and AEON Klebang in Perak. Stay healthy with mMOON Fruit Chips.

Other than papaya and mushroom chips, we also have mMOON Jackfruit Chips. You can get mMOON Jackfruit Chips directly from us. Click here to order.

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